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Event Calender - Mon 25 Jun 2018
Fezile Dabi will continue supporting deserving students with
Executive Mayor Oumix Oliphant and her Mayoral Committee joined by the current bursary holders of the Municipality. The Executive Mayor of Fezile Dabi District Municipality Cllr Oumix Oliphant has reiterated the intention of this Municipality to continue supporting education in our district. Speaking to the current bursary holders, the mayor indicated that education was not necessarily the core function of the municipality, however because this is an ANC municipality, and the ANC has placed education as a number one priority, and a tool through which real emancipation and development can be realized, they had no chance but to also continue supporting education. The late Nelson Mandela was very passionate about education, in fact he was very clear that it was only through education that a child of a domestic worker is able to run the biggest office in the land. His passion and believe in education is evident even in the African National Congress today, and that is the reason why this government prioritized education and invested so much in the education of a black child in South Africa, said the Executive Mayor Speaking to the students. This meeting was called with the intention of giving the current bursary holders the opportunity to explain some of their challenges, but most importantly this was also an opportunity to allow everybody to contribute to the bursary policy of the institution. Five of the current bursary holders of Fezile Dabi District Municipality are completing their degrees by December 2017. We will continue to support education in this district, we are indeed very happy that these students are working very hard and are taking this opportunity very serious, we have noted all their challenges and we will work hard on improving our bursary policy so that it can speak to some of these challenges, said Oliphant.