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Event Calender - Mon 25 Jun 2018
FEZILE DABI DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY’S BUDGET AIMED AT ACCELERATING ACCESS TO EDUCATION AS A TOOL TO REAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT IN THE REGION. Tabling the 2017/18 Fezile Dabi District Municipality budget in Sasolburg the Executive Mayor Oumix Oliphant cautioned that the Municipality’s income was getting smaller year on year to address all the needs of the community. She said that they were presenting this year’s budget under very challenging financial condition. According to the Executive Mayor even though the current leadership has inherited a solid foundation with effective operational systems, and dedicated staff, the reality was that the Municipality’s grants have been declining and available cash reserves were used to augment the annual budget and these reserves are also running dry. Oliphant said that, this calls upon all in the Municipality to approach things differently this time around, even though there was an ambition and the zeal to continue with all big projects that have implemented in the past years to assist local municipalities with the acceleration of service delivery, the truth is that the available resources can only allow few of these, some achievable in the short term and others in the long term. The income of Municipality has been dropping alarmingly in the past three financial years, while on the other hand the expenditure has been steadily increasing. During the 2015/16 financial year the Municipality received an income of just over R 154 Million against the expenditure of more than R 177 Million, which represented a shortfall of R 22 Million. A further drop was experienced in the financial year 2016/17, the Municipality received and income of over R150 Million against the expenditure of over R 164 Million, this represent a further drop of R 13 Million in comparison to our expenditure. About R 4.3 Million is budgeted for community and social programmes, part of this money shall be used to strengthen the HIV/AIDS health desk to confront issues of HIV/IADS in the community. The Executive Mayor working together with the Fezile Dabi AIDS Council will launch number of programmes aimed at fighting the scourge of AIDS and TB in Fezile Dabi. The Executive Mayor has already started the process of the establishment of District Aids Council, but will also be working closely with Mayors of the four local Municipalities to establish functional local AIDS councils. About R 1.5 Million is budgeted for youth development, which is inline with community request that the Municipality should avail more resources for the empowerment and development of youth through access to education. R 1 Million will be used for education to provide full time bursaries to deserving students, R 500 000, will be used to pay registration for deserving students at various Universities and TVET Colleges. Thirty five students are studying at various Universities full time paid for through the Municipality bursary programme. The office of the Speaker received R 830, 000 this financial year, this will be used amongst others for Speakers campaigns and Public Participation programmes. The Mayor emphasized that theirs is democratic government whose mandate is informed by the community, and there is a need to strengthen public participation pragrammes to encourage the community to have their voice on how decision are taken in this council. The training of ward committees remains the necessary imperative in order to encourage ward based planning across the four local municipalities in the district. R 320,000 is budgeted for the Tourism Enterprise Projects. R 100 00o for the Entrepreneurial support system in the district targeting those who want to register new companies and needed support. About R 400, 000 is budgeted for Sports Development programmes. This money will be used to continue with our sports development programmes including, the Fezile Dabi Mountain biking team, the power boat team for the juniors and the Rural Schools sports development. The Executive Mayor thanked councilors and the administration leadership led by the Municipal Manager Ms. Lindi Molibeli for working together for a common purpose of building a better district municipality that is responsive to the community needs. She said the clean audit that the Municipality has received was attributed to team work and pulling together for a common purpose.