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Event Calender - Sun 21 Apr 2019
Executive Mayor Moshodi Commemorate World AIDS day in Tumah
As the world observe the world AIDS day the Executive Mayor of Fezile Dabi District Municipality joined the community of Tumahole to remember all those who died as a results of HIV/AIDS in our country. The day commenced with the walk from Mosipidi Community hall to mark the sixteen days of activism of no violence against women and children. Joined by various churches and Non-governmental organisations in Tumahole the Executive Mayor walked from the community hall to Mandela Bridge to spread the message of no violence against women and children in Fezile Dabi. Speaking at the Fezile Dabi Stadium Moshodi reminded the community that this walk was taking place at the time South Africa was confronted with a major challenge of abuse of women and children, he encouraged men to be in the forefront of the struggle of women in South Africa because it is through their commitment and action that the women of South Africa can feel safe again. Executive Mayor Moshodi encouraged the community to also observe the moment of silence in remembrance of those who lost their lives to HIV/AIDS, he said even though much has been achieved in the fight against AIDS in South Africa, more still needs to be done to encourage South Africans to know their status and receive the necessary treatment as earlier as possible. Moshodi said the municipality will continue with the implementation of programs such as men’s dialogue to encourage men to talk amongst them about abuse of children and women in Fezile Dabi and what role can they play to bring this to an end.