Key Documents

Annual Reports


Please note a complete copy of the Reviewed Intergrated Development 2018-19 is obtainable from FDDM Office on request

Public-Notice-Final-Annual-Budget-IDP2018-2019 2018/06/01
Reviewed-Integrated-Development Plan-2018-2019 2018/06/01
Document Name Document Date
fddm-idp-2017-18-final-version 2016/10/17
idp-screenshot-2017-2022 2017/04/06


Document Name Document Date
Reviewed-Integrated-Development-2018-2019 2018/06/01
Document Name Document Date
fddm-idp-2016-2017. 2016/06/03
performance-score-card-pms-002 2016/06/03
Document Name Document Date
idp-2015-2016 2015/07/20
invitation-speaker-idp-public-participation-2016-2 2016/02/15

Performance Agreements

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Document Name Document Date
molibeli 2017/08/09
mashiyi 2017/08/09
mini 2017/08/09
moloi 2017/08/09
baleni 2017/08/09
baleni_2 2017/08/09

Quarterly Reports

Financial Statement

Document Name Document Date
Financial-Statements-for-the-year-ended-30-June-2019 2019/07/03
Document Name Document Date
annual-financial-statements-2013-14 2015/07/01
Document Name Document Date
annual-financial-statements-2012-13 2015/07/20
Document Name Document Date
annual-financial-statements-2011-12 2015/07/20

Budget Documents

ocument Name Document Date
fddm-draft-budget-2017-18-mscoa-vs-6-1-9-dec-2016 2017/04/06



Mid-year assessment report

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